THRILLEST, a digital lifestyle publication for Men, recently compiled a list of “12 Breweries That Go Away Beyond Just Tours,” including our own Snowy Mountain Brewery! Click here to read the article in full, or see what she had to say about our in-house brewery below.

It’s a worthy goal to visit all of the best craft breweries in America, but once you’ve seen one mash tun, you’ve kind of seen them all… so what’s the point of hearing some hippie drone on about yeast while your beer gets warm? Especially when you can hit up a spot that pairs craft beer with rafting trips. These 12 breweries offer more than the standard wait-in-a-line tour, and beg the question: why follow a tour guide while holding a sweaty plastic cup when you can drink while relaxing in an Austrian beer bath?

Snowy Mountain Brewery (Saratoga, WY)

What you’ll do: Eight to 10 beers stay on tap at this microbrewery, located inside the Saratoga Resort and Spa. There are few better ways to encourage guests to sample every single one than the promise of a reinvigorating (re: hangover-slaying) soak in the natural hot springs — each has its own awesome tepee — and swimming pools. Further rejuvenation at the spa is entirely up to you, but if you find yourself needing some more badass exploits after your soak, the area is rife with hunting spots, or you could snag a round on the life-sized, Native American-themed chess set.

What you’ll drink: The Honey Rye Porter is perfect for the chilly region, even if you are nestled inside a tepee.

Source:; Liz Childers; March 25, 2014.